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High Content Screens & Target Identification

High content screening (HCS) combines the efficiency of high throughput techniques with the advantages of visual representation of entire cells and organisms. In contrast to classical high throughput screening methods that address only single enzymatic reactions or cellular properties, HCS allows quantitative analysis of multiparametric data derived from complex biological systems. This systemic pharmacological approach is particularly successful when screening small specialized compound libraries as it samples the entity of all cellular or organismic events and targets.


  • Dr. Eugenio Fava

    Head of Core Facilities

    German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
    53175 Bonn

    Phone: 0228 43302-540
    Fax: 0228 43302-109


Eberhard Amtmann, DKFZ/EMBL

Jens Peter von Kries und
Martin Neuenschwander, FMP

Birgit Strodel, FZJ

Kamyar Hadian, HMGU/TUM

Mark Brönstrup, HZI/HIPS

Katina Lazarow, MDC